Tools for the Search —
The key to finding a position is through networking – gathering information through contacts. A variety
of places exists to find contacts such as newspapers and the Internet, but they are not the only sources.
Go beyond and consider all connections. Be sure to consider people in related fields, or people who may
be in a different field but working in a company that is of interest to you.
Create a LinkedIn account…
Friends, Family, and Acquaintances
Everyone can be a potential networking contact, so keep this in mind and feel free to ask for leads. Make
conversation about your interests and ask people for suggestions. Even search within your own family
for potential connections. As you go about your daily life, you should be making contacts.
It is beneficial and professional to create a business card. It can be simple and include your name,
college, expected graduation date, and contact information. Some students may prefer to make
double-sided cards that include their internship experience or skills and strengths so they serve as “mini
résumés.” This allows you to give people something tangible to remind them of your skills and
Internship Fairs, Campus Events, and Career Fairs
Attend every internship and career fair available. These are opportunities to meet employers face-to-face
and network. Meetings, seminars, workshops, and other events on campus also draw potential employers
in your field. Stay updated on these events by frequently visiting the IU Southeast Career Development
website at