Tools for the Search —
Creating Your Résumé
Your résumé is the key instrument in your job search and the way to secure an interview. The
résumé markets your skills, abilities, accomplishments, and experience. Realize that your résumé will
most likely be skimmed by the reader and must be easily read and understood. Therefore, highlight only
the most important information.
Résumé Tips
The most important information should be quickly recognized. Use
type to identify key
A résumé should contain
errors. Submit your résumé on CareerLink and have it critiqued
before you begin submitting it for positions.
Keep your résumé to one page unless you have several years of relevant experience. The
résumé is NEVER more than two pages.
Use action verb phrases,
sentences, to make your résumé come alive. See the website for a
list of action verbs to aid you.
use a résumé wizard. Instead, create your résumé as a Word document.
Use numbers to tell employers how many people you supervised, by what percentage you
increased sales, how many products you represented, etc.
List jobs in reverse chronological order, showing your current job first.
Customize your information to each job description.
Do not state past salary or wages, reason for leaving past employment, or any personal
information such as height, weight, marital status, etc.
Two-letter abbreviations for states are correct: KY, IN.
Do not use personal pronouns (I, me, my).
Print your résumé on high quality off-white, ivory, or white paper. Keep it simple using
black ink.