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Belonging to a Faculty
Learning Community (FLC)
is a commitment of time
and effort, but a rewarding
experience. In return for an
honorarium of $500 and
lunch once a month, the
faculty who answered the call
to join the 2011 FLC met nine
times for 2.5 hours on Fridays
to study scholarly theory
and practice on effective
approaches to multicultural
educational units.
The FLC introduced
participants early to a
multidimensional model of
curricular design created
and being tested by the FLC
facilitators. To guide students
to think critically and fair-
mindedly about matters
of social justice relevant
to course units, the model
presented holistic dimensions
of teaching and learning:
intellectual, emotional, and
The Power in
Coming Together
by Shannon Marie Coomer, IU Southeast English Alumna
as adapted by A. Wyandotte
Led by academy director Annette Wyandotte and
assisted by postdoctoral fellow Seonmin Huh,
members prepared work on assigned readings
for each session to guide discussion. By mid-term,
they began to design or refine one or more units
for a course to be taught in summer or fall in
which to apply what they had learned in the FLC.