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In 2011, the academy co-
sponsored with Dr. Chen as
editor, the book
Management: Theoretical
Perspectives and Practical
, New York: Nova
Science Publishers, Inc. Several
IU Southeast faculty authored
various chapters:
• Chapter 6: “Understanding
Race and Ethnicity,” S. Chen
and G. L. Brackett
• Chapter 7, “Violence against
Women: Implications for the
Work place,” J. Myers and E.M.
• Chapter 8, “Academic
Leadership and Diversity,”
Gilbert W. Atnip
• Chapter 12, “Unpacking
the Personal and the Social:
The Process of Developing
Transformative Leaders,” S.
This e-zine features two
stories highlighting two of the
opportunities the Diversity
Academy offers to faculty:
fellowships and faculty learning
communities. “The Skin
You’re In” is written in the
narrative voice of postdoctoral
fellow Huh. She describes her
early experience with gender
discrimination in South Korea,
which eventually brought her to
study at IU Bloomington. Huh
relates why she remained in
the United States an extra year
after her Ph.D. to work at IU
Southeast, as well as what these
experiences have prepared her
to do. She will teach pre-service
Korean English teachers how
to transform students taking
English as a New Language
(ENL) into active readers and
critical thinkers.
“The Power in Coming
Together” is the story of five
faculty members in varied
disciplines who formed a
Faculty Learning Community
in 2011 to study theories
and practices of curriculum
transformation – the design and
implementation of multicultural
units in a given course
aimed to develop students’
intellectual, emotional, and
ethical involvement in issues
with implications for social
justice. This tale profiles their
process, method, and some of
the insights gained from the
Korean English teachers learn about critical thinking.