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Q & A
Peer and facilitator feedback support
unit development and troubleshoot
implementation of FLC courses.
Participants earn a $500 honorarium
for course-related materials or
additional training and lunch is
provided at each session. Faculty have
the option to pursue the scholarship
of teaching by setting up an (IRB-
approved) research study in their
focus course to measure learning
outcomes from data collected from
students. This method, known as
action research, aims at improvement
of teaching and learning through
a systematic plan of classroom
assessment of the unit. A variety of
conferences are interested in this
design, as well as in Faculty Learning
Community achievements.
In spring and fall 2011, the academy and the
Institute for Learning and Teaching Excellence (ILTE)
co-sponsored a Faculty Learning Community on
the topic of curriculum transformation – a unit of
study designed to facilitate students’ intellectual,
emotional, and ethical engagement of issues
impacting social justice in a disciplinary area.
Five faculty volunteers from across the disciplines
responded to the call. The purpose was to stimulate
curriculum development on diverse issues relevant
to a specific course. Participants designed one or
more multicultural units to implement at their next
Joanna Durham-Barnes
, School of Education,
refined units on race, gender, sexual preference,
and religion for M300, Teaching in a Pluralistic
Mariana Farah
, School of Arts and Letters,
introduced a choral unit on the context of the Negro
spiritual as a tool to enhance its performance by the
IU Southeast Choir.
Randy Hunt
, School of Natural Sciences, designed
a new unit addressing significant differences
between the science of evolution, creation science,
and intelligent design, for seniors in Biology L318.
Judy Myers
, School of Nursing, honed her
introduction of Alternative Health-care Modalities
for prospective nurses in K301.
Kelly Ryan
, School of Social Sciences, created new
materials on the Cherokee Indian Removal (The
Trail of Tears) and slavery in American history, in
her First Year Seminar section of H105.
The 2011 Faculty Learning Community
on Curriculum Transformation
In addition to what can be
learned from “The Power in
Coming Together” feature, the
following are more specific
highlights of the 2011 FLC on
Curriculum Transformation.
Professors Randy Hunt and Judy Myers
write in class.