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3. What other support
does the Diversity
Academy offer faculty?
In addition to fellowships and
extended pedagogical study through
a Faculty Learning Community,
the academy is to faculty having
diversity-related projects what the
ILTE is to faculty projects more
generally. The Diversity Academy
facilitates teaching, research, and
service, as described below.
• One-hour and half-day workshops
on topics of interest to faculty
on diversity-related teaching, by
arrangement of deans, coordinators,
or individual faculty or groups.
• Consulting to facilitate faculty
teaching, research, or service
projects, by appointment.
• Collaboration with faculty on
action research or other forms of
inquiry, by appointment.
4. What are academy-facilitated
research projects?
The academy director is routinely involved in
some aspect of diversity research and is looking for
opportunities to collaborate with, or to facilitate
through consultation, faculty inquiry in areas related
to diversity. For example, the following papers were
proposed and delivered at 2010-11 conferences:
Allen, A., Earley, S., & Wyandotte, A. (November
2010). “The ethics and practical considerations of
teaching what you’re NOT.” The Diversity Research
and Teaching Symposium, Indiana State University.
Wyandotte, A. & Huh S. (March 2011).“Who
am I_U? A model of curriculum transformation
to cultivate learners’ social identities.” Indiana
University (Bloomington) Annual Diversity
Murray, G. Myers, J., Wyandotte, A., & Huh, S.
(March 2011). “How Critical, Qualitative Research
Supports Students’ Multi-literacies across the
Curriculum.” The 8th St. Louis Qualitative Research
Conference on “Multi-literacies in research: From
text to You Tube.” University of Missouri, St. Louis,
Wyandotte, A. (July 2011). “Empowering students
and addressing world Englishes: Ways to critique
the power of standard English.” The Korean English
Teachers Association National Conference in Seoul,
South Korea.
Huh, S. (July 2011). “Reading against the texts:
ENL learners’ critical reading of social-issue books.
The Korean English Teachers Association National
Conference in Seoul, South Korea.
Wyandotte, A. (October 2011). “Empathy, the call
of self to other: A theoretical account of why literary
study is a power-tool for social change.” The Indiana
College English Teachers, Anderson, In.
Seonmin Huh, left; Randy Hunt, second
from left; and Annette Wyandotte,
right; listen intently to Judy Myers’