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There I earned undergraduate and master’s
degrees and taught English to other Koreans
until I decided to become a teaching fellow
in bilingual education at IU Bloomington.
I was drawn to the study of language and
culture in relation to literacy, especially
to social justice. Most of my courses in
the Department of Literacy, Culture, and
Language Education related to diverse
Inspired by my advisor, Mitzi Lewison – a
well-known scholar in that area – I came to
appreciate discomfort as a sign of authentic
learning about diverse perspectives.
My mother Mi Won and I enjoy
a trip to the Sonje Museum of
Contemporary Art upon my return
to South Korea from New Albany.
I have also completed a book chapter in
summer on “Unpacking the Personal &
Social Transformative Leaders,” for
Diversity Management: Theoretical
Perspectives and Practical Approaches.