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Our students and faculty are taking action to save

species, improve human health, and build stronger

communities. They need the perspectives gained from

immersing themselves in other cultures and countries.

These diverse experiences lead to multifaceted

awareness and skills that can benefit so many lives near

and far.

At IU Southeast, Katherine Clark ’15 was an accounting

and international business major with a Spanish minor.

She was also a student-athlete and worked two jobs.

Thanks to scholarships like the Jerry E. and Sheila R.

Wheat International Study Scholarship, Clark was

able to study abroad—pouring concrete for schools in

Honduras, working in orphanages in Guatemala, and

making and distributing water filters in the Dominican

Republic. She hopes that her business skills and new

international connections will empower her to make a

true difference—like helping to eradicate child labor—

in locations around the globe.

Study-abroad programs expand our scholars’ worldview

and their ability to improve our region. However, most

of them need financial assistance to take part in these

life-changing experiences. With your support, more

members of our campus community will be able to

participate in these essential international programs,

creating more ways for them to have a beneficial

influence here in southern Indiana and abroad.

“Because of IU Southeast, I’ve

been allowed to take advantage

of more opportunities in order to

achieve my goals. I have become

more involved in my school, my

community, and mission work

around the world.”

—Katherine Clark ’15

2015 Chancellor’s Medallion Scholarship recipient



International experiences

shape our students’

perspectives on global issues,

helping them develop cultural

f luency and leadership skills.