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Fall 2012 15
M.B.A. students expect to work in a
boardroom after receiving their degree.
At the new IU Southeast Graduate
Center, M.B.A. students learn in a
The boardroom is just one of the high-
tech classrooms being put into place
at the brand new Graduate Center at
Water Tower Square in Jeffersonville.
The unique configuration provides the
latest in educational technology and
classroom design.
What we wanted to do was get more
space, not just for classrooms, but for
breakout areas and places for student
groups to collaborate,” said Jay White,
Dean of the School of Business at IU
The new space also allows students to
learn – and faculty to teach – in a fresh
The faculty tell us that the way of
teaching is changing a little bit,” said
JimWolfe, IU Southeast’s physical plant
director, who has been working with a
team to design the space. “It is moving
to more collaborative efforts.”
Changing teaching methods
The IU Southeast Graduate Center
is employing a classroom design that
makes use of the emerging trend of flip
Flip teaching is a method gaining
ground in classrooms across the
country. The idea is for applied learning
to happen in the classroom, while
students spend their time after class
on readings and preparation. A far
too simplified way of describing it is
lectures at home, homework in class.
It’s a theory that can work extremely
well, according to Joe Hollingsworth,
a professor of computer science and
the head of IU Southeast’s Institute
for Learning and Teaching Excellence
ILTE). The institute is designed to
help faculty advance and enhance
their teaching as well as promote best