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Summer 2013 17
Leigh, in orange, and her radio co-hosts Carly Rush, left, and Rowdy Yates, right, join CMT correspondent Samantha Stephens at the ACM Awards.
That’s how she went from Shannon to
She has been part of the VOO Crew
morning show for nine years now,
which for her co-host Rowdy Yates is
one of her many contradictions.
She’s not necessarily a morning
person by any stretch of the
imagination,” Yates joked. “But we like
working with one another. The audience
looks forward to listening to her.”
Yates joined Potts Franco on the
morning show in 2010. Radio seems
like it was always in her blood, he said.
She doesn’t strike me as ever being a
marine biologist,” he said.
That being said, he sees bits of the
peace-loving, hippie type” slip out
quite often.
She still possesses her love of
animals,” he said. “I don’t think there’s
a stray anything she hasn’t taken home
and taken care of. Even some little owls
just last week.” 
Potts Franco’s nine years at the station
recently resulted in the highest level
of professional achievement for disc
jockeys: a 2013 ACM award for best
on-air personality. She and her co-hosts
on the KVOOmorning show took home
the honor in April.
For DJs, we very rarely get
recognition,” she said. “For us to get the
nomination was incredible. Winning is
the equivalent of winning an Oscar for
our positions.”
At the awards ceremony, Potts Franco,
Yates, and their cohost, Carly Rush,
got a taste of life as country stars. They
were invited to pre-parties and after
parties and private dinners with bands.
Potts Franco even experienced the most
Hollywood of moments: trying to decide
what to wear to an award show.
I went right down the middle,” she
said. “You can’t go wrong with some
cowboy boots and bling.”
It’s definitely more glamorous than
the lab coats or wetsuits she would be
wearing as a marine biologist.
While her life now is firmly planted in
the Oklahoma soil, Potts Franco still
thinks about her first love and how her
life could have been different.
It’s true, though,” she said. “If I wasn’t
doing this I would be in the middle of
the ocean.”