IU Southeast
Summer 2013 25
Get a whiff of this!
Essential oils launch chemistry alumnus’s career – and
bring him back home
By Sara Cunningham • Photos by Graham Gohmann
Robert Pappas’s instrumentation room on the second floor of
Indiana University Southeast’s Physical Science building looks
much like any other laboratory – but it certainly doesn’t smell like
Lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus mingle in the air as Pappas
completes analytical testing for the essential oil and fragrance
industry and individuals in the field. As a chemist, Pappas breaks
down what is in each oil and how it compares to others.
His work has made Pappas a much-sought-after consultant
for companies and individuals all over the world because the
information he provides helps with quality assurance and with
learning how an essential oil might be useful.
IU Southeast alumnus Robert Pappas holds a vial filled with essential oils in his lab at IU Southeast.