Pappas to practitioners like Sylla
Sheppard-Hanger, the founder and
director of the Atlantic Institute of
Aromatherapy in Tampa, Fla.
Sheppard-Hanger has both studied and
taught with Pappas in Indiana and in
Florida, calling him the “champion” of
those who value high-quality essential
He’s the go-to person for chemical
analysis, and he’s always open to
answering any questions about
essential oils, whether you are actually
on the industry side or a student,” she
Sheppard-Hanger has sent Pappas
samples from new oils she’s found,
even one that came from a mysterious
tree in her neighborhood.
If I find something new, he can tell me
what’s in it right away,” she said.
Pappas and his family, including his
four children, moved back to the Floyds
Knobs area after leaving Lebermuth. In
addition to consulting, Pappas created
Essential Oil University, an online
education reference and research
He’s the go-
to person
for chemical
analysis. If I
find something
new, he can tell
me what’s in it
right away.”
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger
site that includes a database with the
chemical breakdowns of thousands of
essential oils.
He created a Facebook page for
Essential Oil University and teaches
online courses through the page. (www.
This past academic year, Pappas also
returned to IU Southeast to begin
teaching students interested in
chemistry and essential oils.
Pappas is excited to be back at IU
Southeast helping students prepare
for their careers in the same place he
got his own start. Maybe there will be a
future essential oils expert in one of his
chemistry classes.
This is a great University, with
resources for students that you
would expect only at much larger
institutions,” Pappas said. “There’s
roomand support for students to grow
and change here if they are open to it.”
A variety of oils in Pappas’s lab.