IU Southeast
Fall 2013 3
Dear Friends of IU
What a wonderful
campus we have
in New Albany!
We have dedicated
faculty, caring staff,
bright and energetic
students who are all
so proud to be part of
the larger community
of Southern Indiana,
which is full of
hard-working people and civic-minded leaders
who have created a place poised for dynamic
growth. I am deeply honored to be serving this
year as interim Chancellor at IU Southeast.
Change is occurring all over Indiana, our
country, and the world as we move further out
of the Industrial Age and into the Information
Age. While we in Southern Indiana are
experiencing positive change, for some
communities this change has been devastating
consider declarations of bankruptcy by the
cities of Stockton, Calif. and Detroit, Mich.).
What’s the difference between a community
destroyed by changing economic
circumstances and one that thrives in change?
To paraphrase Eric Hoffer, in times of drastic
change, learners inherit the future while the
learned find themselves equipped to live in
a world that no longer exists. Data certainly
show that the more education one has, the
better their financial strength, physical health,
and quality of life (cew.georgetown.edu).
Ultimately, though, the value of any education
is it provides a person the capacity to change
and grow.
Here at IU Southeast, we are a community
of learners who are dedicated to Southern
Indiana. We provide the most affordable
undergraduate programs of any four-year
school in the region. Since research shows
students are most likely to graduate when they
start and finish a program in the same place,
we encourage students who want a bachelor’s
degree to start with us and stay all the way
through, and we promise to support them
every step of the way. However, we understand
the reality for many students is that they have
responsibilities that keep them from campus
or limited funds to put toward education. For
these reasons, we support three initiatives in
Indiana to help students apply college credit
from a variety of sources toward a bachelor’s
For students who picked up a course from
another Indiana college and want to transfer
those credits to IU Southeast, the Indiana
Core Transfer Library provides transfer
equivalences (
Beginning this fall, a new Statewide Transfer
General Education Core (STGEC) goes into
effect. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of
the state’s universities, students who complete
general education requirements at any Indiana
public college can now transfer 30 credit hours
to any other Indiana public university.
Additionally, this year we will implement
recent legislation (IN SEA 198) to develop clear
transfer pathways for the 10 most popular
degrees from Ivy Tech to all four-year schools
in Indiana.
This is all good news for our region’s students.
Across the state, IU and its regional campuses
are working closely with Ivy Tech to ensure
students can transfer credits they earned at Ivy
Tech to earn a four-year degree at IU. Recently,
IU Southeast co-hosted an Open House at Ivy
Tech Southern Indiana to help students with
their transitions. This was just the first of many
activities in which we will work together for
the benefit of our students.
No matter where you find yourself in life, there
is value in continuing to learn. At IU Southeast,
we want to be your partner when you decide
to pursue higher education. To keep up-to-date
with Indiana legislation on higher education,
please visit gov.iu.edu. I also hope to keep
you informed of major issues facing higher
education and how they affect our community
through “Learning Matters,” now a regular
column of
IU Southeast
Barbara Bichelmeyer serves as interim
Chancellor of IU Southeast and Senior Director
of IU’s Office of Online Education. She is
Professor of Instructional Systems Technology
at IU Bloomington. You can follow Chancellor
Bichelmeyer on Twitter @iusechancellor.
Learning Matters: Credit initiatives