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IU Southeast

Fall 2014 11

IU Southeast Athletic Director, Joe

Glover, believes former Grenadiers

have paved the way for the athletic

program he so passionately leads today.

“Our community is full of successful

leaders, educators, attorneys,

coaches and doctors who all wore an

IU Southeast uniform at one time,”

Glover said. “We need to welcome these

athletic alumni back home, and we

must celebrate their accomplishments

that have allowed this program to

continue to grow and evolve.”

The Champions Club is in its infancy,

and is looking to grow. Anyone who has

ever participated in varsity athletics

while attending IU Southeast—including

cheerleaders and dance team or athletic

pep-band members—is eligible for full


All members are encouraged to

participate in the Champions Club

by serving on the Board of Directors,

encouraging fellow alumni to join,

and by nominating an outstanding

Grenadier alumni for special

recognition at next year’s Champions


Damon Bates, a former student-athlete

who helped lead the IU Southeast

men’s basketball team to its first NAIA

tournament appearance in 1997, joined

the Board of Directors to help give back

to his alma mater.

“I’ve always wanted to be a bigger part

of the university that provided me with

the opportunity to play and get my

education, so I was definitely pleased

when Joe reached out with this idea,”

Bates said. “I believe any organization

needs to have a goal and something to

strive toward. Complacency kills, so

Joe’s vision of creating the Champions

Club and getting alumni involved to

IU Southeast women’s basketball team during the 1991-92 season.

IU Southeast baseball player, Bill Gernon.