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achieve goals makes total sense to me.”

Since the Champions Club includes all

sports, both genders, and decades of

alums, the Board of Directors needs

people from different sports and eras

to ensure equal representation, and to

meet the needs of all members.

“We want a diverse group of people

and opinions on the Board of Directors

to help shape the Champions Club

into an effective and engaged alumni

group,” Glover said. “Whether you just

graduated or are a member of the first

varsity teams in school history, we want

you to be part of this group.”

Glover said he hopes the Champions

Club keeps alumni involved in the IU

Southeast athletic program, and helps

the department stay in better contact

with alumni.

“At any institution, the loyalty of the

alumni is largely based on their ability

to be involved in some way,” Bates said.

“Those of us who got the opportunity

to play a sport at IU Southeast got the

chance to build up some loyalty toward

the school. The Champions Club is

integral in getting some of that loyalty

back. It’s definitely a step in the right


The IU Southeast athletic department

has experienced growth and success

in recent years, but Glover knows the

credit, in part, belongs to the student-

athletes who led them to this point.

“This is a perfect time to launch this

club,” Glover said. “The consistent

success of all of our programs has been

wonderful for our student-athletes and

our campus. Now it is time to remember

our past and the great people who

helped build this program and make it

what it is today.”



more information about how to join the

Champions Club.

If you are interested in serving on the

Board of Directors, please contact Joe

Glover, IU Southeast athletic director,


or by calling

(812) 941-2432.

IU Southeast baseball team in 1980.

Athletic Director, Joe Glover

Student-athletes Brittney Coan, Frank

Pluskota and Shelby Lucas were honored.

Atendees gathered at Huber’s Orchard, Winery

and Vineyards for the 2nd annual dinner.

Jim Morris delivered the night’s

keynote address.