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If you are a student or fan of orchestra music, it’s likely that you are familiar with the

works of Tchaikovsky, Copland and Beethoven.

It’s less likely however, that you’ve spent much time listening to the work of anyone


An IU Southeast professor and composer is working to change that through a visionary

project that seeks to celebrate the rich history and culture of American cities and towns.

Associate Professor of Music Erich Stem’s “America By” tour, invites orchestras from

across the United States to commission and perform pieces that express the unique

attributes of their own homes and people.

“The idea is to create a musical montage that helps listeners get a rich picture of this

incredibly diverse country,” Stem said. “The goal is really to tell a story, as all orchestral

music does.”

A particularly unique aspect of the project is that Stem films a mini documentary for

each piece that is presented on the website, so that those who can’t

IU Southeast professor begins a quest to honor all 50 st tes through music

By Sara Cunningham