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Spring 2014 15


attend the performances can still learn more about the collaboration and the regions.

Four orchestras have signed on to the project so far: Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra

in Washington, West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, the University of Portland

Orchestra and the New Chicago Chamber Orchestra.

The Bainbridge Island piece premiered in February 2014 to great reviews, and the

other three orchestra commitments have been scheduled through 2016. Stem is

actively recruiting, hoping to continue to add to this ongoing project.

“I probably won’t live long enough to do one in every state,” Stem said. “But that’s the

idea, and I’m going to try.”

Stem first fell in love with orchestra music and composing when he was just 12 years

old. A Richmond, Va. native, Stem was introduced to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by

watching the movie “Amadeus.”

“I saw Mozart writing music and it looked like he was having a good time, at least in

the beginning,” Stem said.

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