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Word Science
What am I reading?
Professor of Music Joanna Goldstein
When it comes to reading, Goldstein
finds herself bouncing between different
genres. Interested in music, science, and
history, she also has a passion for books
about science fiction, fantasy, and, to a
lesser extent, mystery. Here are a few
of her past reads and why she enjoyed
The Rest is Noise
Alex Ross
“Ross is the music
critic of “The New
Yorker.” This is a
marvelous history of
20th century music
put into the context
of the society of the
times. “
Geography of Oysters
by Rowan Jacobsen
“I love oysters and
this book describes
the geological
and topographical
influences on
different kinds of
oysters. It’s amazing
what one can learn
about continental
drift and ground mineral content by
reading about these tasty morsels.”
A Death in Vienna
Frank Tallis
“Tallis has a series of
mysteries that take
place in Vienna at
the beginning of the
20th century. The
main characters of
the book are a police
detective who loves
to sing Schubert Liede and a Jewish
psychologist who helps him (and plays
piano with him). This is a time when
Freud is just coming into his own, and
the book solves the mysteries in large
part through Freudian psychology. I also
lived in Vienna for a while, and it’s fun to
identify the local areas….and mostly all
the pastries they eat.”
Gerald Ruth, professor of geosciences
at IU Southeast, is an accomplished
textbook and research writer. But his
most recent publication is something
out of his normal realm.
Ruth, winner of the 2010 IU Southeast
Distinguished Teaching and Creativity
Award, is the author of “Earth verses
Space,” a book of verses exploring the
A unique book divided into eight
sections with a total of 52 poems and
illustrations, it explores the physical
and cultural realms of our world
and galaxy. Covering geosciences,
geography, astronomy, and every
continent, Ruth describes his book as
“52 mini books on 52 pages.”
“Earth Verses Space” is available
on Amazon and at the IU Southeast
About the Author
Professor of Geosciences Gerald Ruth
has been at IU Southeast for more
than 45 years. He has taught a range
of courses including The Solar System,
Stars and Galaxies, Intro to Astronomy,
Physical Systems of Geography, and
Physical Meteorology and Climatology.
People of all nations
Gather above your falling waters,
Silenced and in awe,
As you courageously struggle
To squeeze four of five Great Lakes
Through your narrow causeway.
Tightrope walkers, wheelbarrow
Fools in barrels, all daredevils,
Traversing, bouncing, tumbling
Over your cataract, seeking glory.
Niagara, youthful, post-glacial river,
Too young to boast a developing
Too young to have observed early life
That life now hides in your rocks!
Still, you boldly rasp on;
A spectacular hydraulic saw, sea-
Your falls, world’s greatest, chews
Cuts backwards through geologic time.
Your hard dolomite caprock yields
Predictably but infrequently
As it is undermined by weak shales
Collapsing violently in massive rock
You serve as an International
Rustic Grand Island is embraced by
your arms.
Hydroelectric power, pulled from
cascading waters,
Serves the strategic needs of two
St. Lawrence Seaway and Welland
By-pass you, yet fuse you to a
prosperous region.
America and Canada now brought
closer together,
Purposefully and symbiotically.