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in the game
By Stephen Utz
Many coaches
and athletes
speak about
having a
commitment to
their teams and
but few
actually back
up those statements with their actions.
That is not the case with IU Southeast
seniors Megan Murphy and Tia
Wineinger; both student athletes had
to overcome significant
obstacles to help
the IU Southeast
team start a
Two IU Southeast women’s basketball players beat injury and other struggles to lead the team
Injury prone
Last November, Wineinger tore the
anterior cruciate ligament in her right
knee during a game against Indiana
Wesleyan. She did not return for the
remainder of the 2010-11 season, but the
Grenadiers went on to set a school record
for wins and had a 16-game winning
streak, also a new school record.
She had suffered a similar injury in her
left knee during her senior year of
high school, so she knew all about
the rehabilitation process.
Wineinger, a native of
Dubois, Ind., had surgery
and began to rehab
the injury, and she
also had a decision
to make – did she
want to return and
finish out her eligibility?
“At first I didn’t really know because I
was almost done with school,” she said.
“But then I looked at it, and I realized
I never had a senior year of basketball.
That was something I always wanted to
Her teammates helped her by
providing support and encouragement.
“I knew Megan (Murphy)
and Ash (Ashmere
Woods) wanted
me to come
back,” she said.
Her surgery
taking a
of her
Bouncing back
T ia
Photo by Stephen Utz