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in the game
patellar tendon from her left knee and
using that to repair her ACL in her right
knee, so she had to rehab both knees.
“It was not fun,” she said. “I had to
relearn how to bend my [right] knee.
There was a machine moving my leg
back and forth 24/7.”
She also had to strengthen the muscles
in her left leg again after being on bed
rest for a week.
“Some days I didn’t want to do it
because it’s painful and you have to
do it three or four times a day. My dad
helped me out a lot. He was always
there pushing me.”
After a couple of months of intensive
rehab, she recovered and returned
to the court at the end of the 2010-11
season, though she did not return to
game action until the 2011-12 season
began on Oct. 27.
Unfortunately, she could not get
through the first day of practice
unscathed. She suffered a broken nose
after taking an elbow in the face.
She persevered through that injury,
too, and returned to become the
shutdown defender on the team.
Once she was back in the game, she
provided the energy and the defense
that has helped the Grenadiers win
some tough contests. Wineinger held
St. Mary of the Woods’ leading scorer,
Brittney Shaner, who is averaging
about 24 points per game, to 14 points
in the Grenadiers 83-52 win on Dec. 14.
“Tia has always been a good defender,”
IU Southeast head coach Robin Farris
said. “This season she has stepped it up
another notch. I think she realizes that
we need her. She takes a lot of pride in
playing defence and understands the
value of it.”
Sacrificing for self and team
Bloomington, Ind., native Megan
Murphy had a solid junior season
last year for the Grenadiers as the
team went back to the NAIA national
tournament once again. But she had
bigger goals this year.
After a game last season at Berea
where she heard various derogatory
comments about her weight, she
decided she was going to make some
“I got up the next day and signed up
for Weight Watchers,” she said. “Ever
since then I have been on a diet, and I
work out almost every day. My dad and I
go to the Y a lot, and I run several miles
every day. Because it is my senior year I
wanted to go out with a bang.”
Murphy’s hard work paid off. She lost
almost 70 pounds which has helped
her game to evolve. She is averaging a
double-double, is ranked in the top five
in the nation for total rebounds, and is
second on the team in points per game.
“When we started open gym, I could
really see a change in my game. Before
I would have to sit out after a game, but
now I just keep playing,” she said. “I get
more deflections now and I can chase
after longer rebounds and even jump
Her coach has noticed the changes in
Murphy’s game as well. “I think she is
Murphy attacks the basket.
Photo by Scott McDaniel