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Spring 2012 13
much more versatile,” Farris said. “She
can defend smaller, quicker people
now. Defensively she has improved
Her rebounding has gotten better and
the statistics prove she has modified
her skills. Murphy is near the top of
most rebounding categories including
total rebounds, rebounds per game,
and offensive rebounds per game.
“Her rebounding is off the charts,”
Farris said. “She has always been a
good rebounder because she has good
hands, but now she is getting rebounds
out of her area. She always had skills,
now she is so much quicker.”
Murphy says that her change in diet
and increased exercise is not just to
improve her basketball skills, but to
also improve her overall health. “It’s
definitely a life change,” she said.
Sacrifices pay off
The improvements to their games
have helped the Grenadiers get off
to a successful start this season with
great play fromMurphy and Wineinger.
Without the sacrifices of the two
seniors, the Grenadiers would not be as
“I think the biggest thing about those
two is that they like to compete,” Farris
said. “That is the ultimate compliment
that a coach can give. We are really
lucky to have them.”
For Murphy and Wineinger, the
commitment to their teammates was
more important than any personal
accolades. Their sacrifices have helped
put the Grenadiers in position for
another successful season.
“They have always been willing to put
the team before themselves,” Farris
said. “That is exemplified by their
commitment to rebounding, playing
defense, and willingness to listen to
Wineinger goes up for a shot.
Photo by Scott McDaniel