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IU Southeast nursing students practice on SimMan, a robotic, simulated patient, in the IU Southeast
nursing lab.
The path starts here
Stewart originally started his higher
education at Bellarmine University in
Louisville, but when the IU Southeast
campus opened off Grant Line Road
in 1973, he didn’t think twice about
changing his plans. An accounting
major who later switched to business
economics and public policy, Stewart
said he understood early that a good
education didn’t have to be expensive.
“At that time it was a switch from $50
a credit hour to $22 a credit hour,”
Stewart said. “I know those aren’t the
prices now, but the value of a degree at
IU Southeast has always been high but
at an affordable cost. That should mean
Stewart was working as a teller at a
local savings & loan when he had a
conversation with a customer at the
drive-up. That customer, IU Southeast’s
then-student body president Glenn
Hancock (B.S. ‘75), now a Floyd County
Superior Court judge, asked Stewart to
be a part of the student senate. Stewart
quickly became involved with the
goings-on of the new campus.
“It was my first opportunity to get into
something outside of school, and it was
exciting to be a part of what was going
on when the campus first opened,”
he said. “There was a genuine role for
students to help decide just what type of
school we wanted to be. It was the first
time I was able to go beyond my outside
employment and studies to be a part of
something bigger.”
Stewart then served as student body
president in 1975-76, putting him in a
position to learn how a campus works as
well as how the University fits into the
“It was an extraordinary experience
and gave me a chance to rapidly expand
my world view,” Stewart said. “You
Stewart in his office.