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IU Southeast
Fall 2011 25
Callie Risse sat next to the pool table in the IU Southeast game room and watched as her
fiancé, Kevin Evans, challenged his former roommate to a game of pool.
“Oh we’re gonna play pool, huh?” Mark Hublar, the former roommate, said as Evans
handed him a cue.
Risse smiled and Evans racked the pool balls.
It’s a scene that plays out in the Game Room at IU Southeast every day, but the characters
make this story different. Hublar, 47, has Down Syndrome. Risse and Evans, both 21, are
the president and vice president of Allies, the first student organization at IU Southeast
that caters to helping those with Down Syndrome.
Risse, Hublar, and Evans chat in the
IU Southeast Game Room.