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Spring 2012 31
meet the board
hyllis Andres (B.S. ’90) spent most of her
career helping others find employment. As the
Human Resources director at Brown-Forman
for 17 years, she also made sure Brown-Forman’s
employees had what they needed to excel in their
But a few years ago, she found herself on the other side of
the fence. After some corporate restructuring, Andres was
looking for a new job.
She found it as a consultant with Right Management, and
her professional life has now come full circle. She counsels
people who are transitioning from one job to the next, mostly
as a result of layoffs and restructuring – just like she did.
“I’m helping people during a difficult stage in their life and
career,” she said. “They have all the skills; I help put the
polish on.”
The tenacity and drive required to get through her career
change were things she learned at IU Southeast. She started
at the University in the early ‘70s after high school, but
soon found herself leaving school to make her mark in the
corporate world. She returned a few years later, eventually
earning her degree in 1990.
“I’m one of those people who believe you can learn
something new every day,” she said. “Coming back to school,
I recognized the importance of all my classes here. You can
succeed in class and succeed in life.”
To aid those who are transitioning, Andres provides
training, works on resumes and interview tips, and provides
a shoulder to lean on for people who likely haven’t gone
through the job interview experience in several years.
Her background allows her a unique look into what they’re
going through, she explained. “I enjoy helping people, seeing
the light bulb turn on,” she said.
Her job as a consultant also allows her to volunteer in the
community and at her alma mater. Andres works with
Women 4 Women, the Falls of the Ohio, and the annual St.
Joe’s Turkey Shoot.
Outside of her career and volunteer efforts, Andres enjoys
traveling the world with her husband, Larry Forman. She’s
been to France, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. She is
active in the Southern Indiana Wheelmen bicycle club and is
aiming to bike 1,000 miles this year.
Andres, currently the Alumni Board treasurer, has been on
the IU Southeast Alumni Board for two years. It was an old
classmate, current Alumni Board President Mike Naville,
who got her involved.
“I went out to lunch with Mike and a friend of mine who
worked for him. I hadn’t seen him in years, and as we were
leaving, I told him if there was anything I could do to help to
let me know. That was on a Thursday and on Monday I got a
letter saying ‘Welcome to the Board.’”
In addition to her work with the alumni board, Andres
serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for the
IU Southeast
magazine and has previously volunteered with the Career
Development Center to help students prepare for job
“I have such good memories of going to school here,” she
said. “If I can do something to help bring resources to
students here, it’s a win.”
Alumna aids others in starting new careers
By Erica Walsh