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Dear Reader,
As February fades and March brings with it the promise of spring, I am incredibly happy to share with you news of new
growth on our campus: We are adding a sixth lodge to our student housing.
This new lodge will allow us to provide on-campus housing to an additional 87 students. I believe adding residence halls in
2008 was one of the biggest changes in our campus’s 70-year history, so what better way to cap off our anniversary year than
by hosting a groundbreaking for our newest lodge?
However, before we celebrate the
groundbreaking, we will all have an opportunity
to do a little earth moving for ourselves. On
April 4, we will plant 70 trees on campus to
celebrate our 70 years, and I would love for
you to join us. With 70 trees to plant, we’ll have
plenty of shoveling to do, and you’ll have the
chance to jump in and help.
Then, I’d like to personally invite you to attend
the housing groundbreaking on April 25. We’ll
have a wonderful celebration of the campus’s
growth, and you’ll be able to tour our current
lodges so that you can see for yourself what a
unique and beautiful addition student housing
has been to IU Southeast.
Like our present units, the newest student
housing will offer apartment living with one to
four bedrooms plus a full kitchen, living room,
and semi-private bathrooms.
It still amazes me that today’s college students
have such wonderful accommodations. And
I can tell you that our students truly love our
lodges. On any given school night, you can walk through one of the lodges and find students cooking dinner, playing games in
the Great Room, or studying in groups—sometimes with faculty.
The campus is always bustling in the spring, and preparing for our new trees and new lodge will only add to the excitement. I
hope you’ll be able to join us as we continue building IU Southeast from the ground up.
Sandra R. Patterson-Randles
Chancellor, IU Southeast