Harper stands next to the 3D printer in his studio as it makes a model.
behind the curtain of The Open Crowd
Project, a collection of three-inch
plastic 3D prints of real people from IU
Southeast and across the country.
His goal is to bring a massive crowd of
people, from all different locations and
walks of life, together in one place. Not
physically, of course, but instead they
are represented by their personalized
replicas in small plastic models.
It’s very much a collaborative project
with strangers,” he said. “It’s a way of
sharing through an object.”
Bringing information to life
When Harper walks through campus,
he’ll occasionally see someone he
thinks might make a good model for the
Some people have a really
characteristic look,” he said,
something that describes them.”
Sometimes it’s the clothes they chose
to wear, other times it’s a distinctive
feature. Still, Harper knows that each
person is unique, and he is drawn to
how those differences are displayed in
It’s very
much a
project – with
Brian Harper