I found that
while reading
of his I could
and get ideas.
Billy Beane
Beane was the keynote speaker for the
annual Sanders Speaker Series held
Feb. 12. He charmed a group of 500
inside the Paul W. Ogle Cultural and
Community Center.
Beane was the fourth speaker in what
has become the premier series at IU
Southeast. Established with the goal
of bringing in well-known names with
valuable insights, the Sanders Speaker
Series has become a can’t-miss event
for the Southern Indiana community.
Beane and former A’s Assistant
General Manager Paul DePodesta
disputed long-held professional
baseball beliefs that big payrolls
equated to wins by implementing an
unorthodox strategy that led a team
with one of the lowest payrolls to five
American League West Division titles,
the most recent in 2012.
In 1999, Beane and his staff began
identifying assets undervalued or
overlooked by other baseball executives
in order to create and sustain a
competitive advantage. They used data
and metrics to problem solve rather
than relying on the money they didn’t
Under Beane, the A’s have compiled
the fourth-best record in the American
League and seventh best in all of
baseball over the last 15 seasons.
Beane’s strategy has opened the eyes
of many top sports executives and
business leaders around the country
who now use his ideas in their own
spheres of influence.
His success story was made famous by
Michael Lewis’ 2003 book
and then again in 2011 after the book
was turned into a film, starring Brad
Pitt as Beane.
I know many of you were hoping for
Brad Pitt but you got stuck with me,”
Beane teased those who attended this
year’s Sanders event.
Although it brought his story to the
masses, Beane said he hasn’t watched
Moneyball since attending the premiere
at the Toronto Film Festival.
It seems like a normal Brad Pitt movie
and then you hear your name and
start twitching in your seat,” he said,
While Beane’s humor entertained the
audience, his message is something
important to anyone interested in
succeeding in their chosen field or
business, said Jay White, dean of the
School of Business.
He was able to do something fairly
amazing,” White said. “He was in an
industry that was set in its ways. For
him to be able to drive change there –
well, that says a lot about his leadership
skills and his managerial skills. We can
all learn from him.”
Speaking to the community
Bringing a speaker who is so well
known and who has such wide appeal
is a win for the Sanders Speaker Series
Scenes from the Sanders Speaker Series at IU Southeast including Judge Carlton, far left, and Sue Sanders, with Billy Beane at the reception.