IU Southeast
Fall 2012 27
and for the University as a whole, White
We’ve only been doing this for four
years, and each time we’ve been able
to invite a bigger name,” White said. “It
really helps to raise the profile of the
And boosting the University’s profile is
just one goal of the series namesakes.
The Sanders Speaker Series was
made possible through a $300,000
endowment gifted to IU Southeast
by Judge Carlton and Sue Sanders in
We enjoy doing things that help more
than one person, and we really believed
that something like a speaker series
could help all students and people in
the community,” Sue Sanders said.
Judge Carlton Sanders said the couple’s
support of the University is their legacy.
We were both the first in our families
to graduate college, and we were both
nontraditional students when we went
to college,” he said. “I would have never
made it to law school if it were not for
IU Southeast.”
The couple was in attendance for
Beane’s visit and was thrilled with the
caliber of speakers their namesake
series has brought to the school.