IU Southeast
Spring 2013 7
A college degree is worth more than dollars and cents. But
as the saying goes – money matters. That’s what makes the
affordability of higher education and its return on investment
so important to graduates.
Indiana University Southeast students can take to heart that
the University is providing a solid degree at a cost that will
give them a strong, stable start on their career path.
IU Southeast is one of the most affordable options for
higher education in the Southern Indiana and the Greater
Louisville Metropolitan Region. In fact, data from the College
Navigator, a tool made available by the National Center for
Education Statistics, indicate that IU Southeast is the most
affordable four-year institution in the Greater Louisville
With an average net price of $10,128 for full-time beginning
students in 2010-11, IU Southeast’s cost is about $2,000 less
than the nearest public, four-year institution.
We understand the true value of a college degree and seek
to provide the highest quality education possible for our
students,” said Chancellor Sandra R. Patterson-Randles.
But we also understand the price associated with higher
education and strive to make it affordable for all students in
our region.”
In addition to providing a substantial amount of financial aid,
the University also seeks to help Kentucky students living
in certain designated counties with a tuition reciprocity
program which grants in-state tuition. In addition, IU
Southeast staff members offer the public special workshops
on how to minimize student debt and pay for college. As a
result, IU Southeast is ahead of the curve with a student debt
rate below the national and state averages.
According to the report “Student Debt and the Class of 2011”
from the Project on Student Debt, nationally the average
undergraduate owes $26,600 after graduation. Statewide,
Indiana undergraduates owe $27,500. In contrast, IU
Southeast alumni owe 12 and 15 percent less, respectively,
on average after earning an IU degree.
For the price of their education, IU Southeast alumni are
also seeing a strong return on investment. A spring 2012
survey conducted by the University found that only 4
percent of alumni respondents reported being unable to
find employment. That percentage is significantly less than
the September 2012 national unemployment rate for new
college graduates of 6.3 percent, according to the National
Association of Colleges and Employers.
More than 90 percent of IU Southeast alumni live and work
in Indiana and the Greater Louisville region. In 2011, the
Department of Labor reported that the average salary for all
jobs in the Greater Louisville region was $41,290. More than
half of the alumni respondents to the IU Southeast survey
earn an annual salary of $50,000 or higher.
The data also show that the success of IU Southeast alumni
continues after their initial hiring. Of the more than 500
respondents, 35 percent received a promotion or obtained a
better position within only two years of graduating from IU
IU Southeast graduates are achieving great success
personally and professionally,” Patterson-Randles said. “The
education they receive at our University prepares them to
be productive members of society and solid contributors
to our local economy. They clearly illustrate that we are
accomplishing our mission of turning good students into
great leaders, one graduate at a time.”
An IU Southeast education is well worth the investment