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What am I reading?
Jodi Henderson, Assistant Clinical Nursing
Professor, recommends three books from her library.
We Band of Angels
by Elizabeth
This story takes place during WWII,
when nurses became prisoners trapped
on Bataan, a mosquito and malaria
infested part of the Philippines. Little
did they know they would be marking
out the name “morphine” on the medicine vials
and replacing the name with “normal saline” so
the Japanese would not destroy the pain medicine
needed to relieve the agony of the sick and wounded.
This is the story of courageous nurses who removed
“I” from their vocabulary and replaced it with “we,”
providing the ultimate care. All nurses should be
known as a “Band of Angels”.
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Rebecca Skloot
In 1951, Henrietta Lacks was diagnosed
with cervical cancer. Without her
knowledge or informed consent, her
cells were taken and shared with a
multitude of health professionals. Those
cells became the foundation of the first “immortal”
line of human cells, and have played a critical role
in medical research. Lacks’ cells helped develop
the polio vaccine, and have been used for gene
mapping, cloning, and a multitude of other things,
all without her knowledge. Lacks passed away in
1951 and her family did not become aware her cells
were still alive until 1973. Lacks’ story has helped to
bring dignity and integrity to the world of medical
research and the patients served.
The Ultimate Gift
by Jim Stovall
This delightful novel will make you
love deeper, have more tolerance and
consideration for one another. Jason
Stevens’ very wealthy uncle Red has just
passed away, leaving Jason the ability to
inherit his grandfather’s entire empire.
The catch? Jasonmust complete12 separateassignments
within the year inorder toobtain the inheritance. This is
a story of love, life lessons, and searching the inner soul.
What could the “ultimategift” be?
Maria T. Accardi’s
Pedagogy for
Library Instruction
is earning
national acclaim
for its innovative
approach to
teaching library
and research skills.
Accardi, coordinator of library instruction at Indiana
University Southeast, won the 2014 Association of College
and Research Libraries (ACRL) Women and Gender Studies
Section (WGSS) Award for Significant Achievement in
Women’s Studies Librarianship. The WGSS award honors
a significant one-time contribution to women’s studies
Accardi will be honored at the American Library
Association annual conference in Las Vegas on June 30,
Marty Rosen, Director of the IU Southeast Library, said,
“Maria Accardi is a creative, energetic scholar-librarian
with very innovative ideas about library instruction. She’s
incredibly passionate about the theory and practice of
librarianship and is dedicated to exploring new library
strategies for improving student learning and success.
This award confirms that her ideas are starting to exert
a national impact. It’s also, I think, reflective of the high
quality, high-impact scholarly and creative work produced
by faculty and librarians across all of the campuses of
Indiana University.”
Accardi received the award in recognition of her book
Feminist Pedagogy for Library Instruction
(2013, Library
Juice Press). Jennifer Mayer, chair of the award committee,
said, “The committee was impressed by her book-length
treatment of the intersection of information literacy and
feminist theory, which is unique, important and fills a gap
in the literature.”
Mayer noted that, “While theoretical, the book is also an
accessible, practical handbook including exercises and
assessment strategies. Accardi’s work also helps readers
apply and integrate feminist pedagogical approaches in
less-likely places—across the curriculum, in online classes,
and with students who may not identify with feminism or
understand the relevance in their lives.”
Mayer concluded by saying “‘
Feminist Pedagogy for Library
’ is a must-read for any librarian with interests in
feminist issues, pedagogy, and library instruction.”
Accardi has worked at IU Southeast for more than six years.
She received her M.L.I.S. from the University of Pittsburgh
and her M.A. in English from the University of Louisville.
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