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Last summer, AM 1450 and IU
Southeast joined together to create
the official radio home of IU Southeast
Athletics. Out of that partnership grew
The Grenadier Sports Report.
“This is a very unique opportunity for a
school our size to have a weekly radio
show,” IU Southeast Athletic Director
Joe Glover said. “It is exciting to be able
to introduce the general public to all of
our coaches and many of our student-
athletes, and showcase all the great
work they are doing at IU Southeast.”
The idea for the radio show came
from conversations between Glover
and radio host Matt Denison, who
has broadcast various sporting events
around Southern Indiana.
“Matt and I agreed that now would
be an ideal time to launch this show,”
Glover said. “With the success of all
our programs, now is a great time to
engage more people and promote all
the great things our student-athletes
and coaches are doing on and off the
WXVW-1450 is quickly becoming
known as the local sports leader in
Southern Indiana. Historically known as
a top broadcaster of Southern Indiana
sports, the radio station is returning to
those roots, and has broadcast selected
IU Southeast Men’s and Women’s
basketball games throughout the 2013
- 2014 season.
“I am thrilled that IU Southeast is able
to partner with one of the most historic
radio stations in the state to broadcast
both The Grenadier Sports Report and
various basketball games this season,”
Glover said. “WXVW is committed to
broadcasting local sports and we are
happy to add to that tradition while
serving our fans throughout Southern
Heather Wheat, a junior guard from
Louisville and a member of the
women’s basketball team, has been
interviewed multiple times on the radio
show this season.
“I was a little nervous before I went on
the show the first time,” Wheat said.
“I had been interviewed after games
plenty of times, but I had never been a
guest on a show where I had to answer
questions for a whole segment. I am
used to it now and I think it’s great to
be able to let people know about our
team’s success. Hopefully, it brings
us more fans and followers to the
The show has also been a vehicle to
promote Indiana University Southeast
as a whole. Chris Crews, Interim
Director of Admissions, was a guest
on the show in the fall and used the
opportunity to explain the IU Southeast
admissions process to radio listeners.
Joe Witten, IU Southeast softball
coach and coordinator of intramural
sports, has used the show to promote
upcoming intramural events for
students and to discuss his softball
“I think it’s a great opportunity for
us to show what is happening every
week at IU Southeast,” Witten said.
“Not only does it help promote the
softball program to a larger audience,
I’ve also been able to get the word out
about various intramural activities
that we will be having for students in
the future. This show is a great way
for us to get the message out about
all the great things happening at the
All of the IU Southeast coaches
have understood the importance of
appearing on the show and many have
made multiple appearances. Some have
even come straight from games or cut
practice short to make the show in time.
“The commitment from our coaches
and student-athletes to give more of
their free time to help this show get
off the ground has been incredible,”
Glover said. “It is great to see so many
people willing to give up their time to
make this show possible.”
“This has been a great partnership
between IU Southeast and WXVW,”
Glover said. “I am really excited to see
where it heads in the future.”
Women’s basketball coach Robin Farris
Men’s basketball coach Wiley Brown
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