IU Southeast Magazine - Spring 2014 - page 22

Early New Albany map from the collection of Dave Barksdale.
Several dozen cones later, the pair
was tired of ice cream but thrilled to
New Albany: City by the River
a historical documentary that debuted
in December to close out New Albany’s
bicentennial year.
“It was the most intense project I’ve
worked on so far,” Collins said. “I’m
glad to have it over with, but proud of
how it turned out.”
The making of the documentary
New Albany: City by the River
the story of the southern Indiana city
from its humble roots to its recent
reestablishment as a destination for
art, food, and local flair.
“We definitely wanted to get the
personal side of it,” Frank said. “We
wanted to show the history, and it was
important to show the restoration, too.”
The idea for the documentary came
to Frank and Collins when they were
students at IU Southeast. The graphic
design majors were both interning
at the IU Southeast Design Center in
2012 when they were paired together
to create a historical calendar for the
Community Foundation of Southern
Indiana Multicultural Outreach
They traveled throughout New Albany
seeking historical sites to feature in
the calendar. One of the locations
was the Second Baptist Church. The
church, with its long history including
the Underground Railroad, was the
inspiration for a video.
“I don’t think I knew that the church
was part of the Underground Railroad,”
said Frank, who grew up in Floyds
Knobs and went to school in the county.
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