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Meet the Professor
AdamMaksl teaches journalism courses and advises
The Horizon
, the multimedia student
news organization at IU Southeast. Maksl’s work focuses primarily on youth media and media
literacy. Before coming to IU Southeast, Maksl worked as a high school journalism teacher and
then as a university outreach coordinator for youth journalism programs. He holds a B.S. in
secondary education from Indiana University Bloomington, an M.A. in journalism from Ball State
University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri School of Journalism.
pop quiz
In each issue, IU Southeast will include a Pop Quiz from one of our professors. The first reader to email us the correct
answers to the quiz will win a prize from the Alumni Association.
This issue’s Pop Quiz is provided by Adam Maksl, aAssistant Professor of Journalism. Get ready to test
your knowledge of journalism and news media literacy.
1. Which of the following rights
is not guaranteed by the first
A. The right to free speech
B. The right to a speedy trial
C. The right to practice whatever
religion you choose
D. The right to assemble and protest
Fall 2013 Pop Quiz answers
1. Which is not a word borrowed fromGerman?
B) Victim
2. Which expression is grammatically correct?
C) Ich Fahre mit dem blauen Bus
3. Which of these countries does not have a significant native German-speaking minority?
C) Iran
The winner of this issue’s quiz will receive two IU Southeast Alumni T-shirts. To submit your answers, email
and include “Pop Quiz answers” as the subject .
2. In 1983 around 50 companies
owned most of the media outlets
Americans consumed. About how
many companies own most of the
media we consume today?
A. 100
B. 50
C. 25
D. 5
3. Who has the most influence on
what gets aired on the local TV
A. Individual reporters
B. The anchor, or person reading the
C. The cameraman
D. The producer
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