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Jeff Hoffman at a fireside chat with students in Forest Lodge.
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Jeff Hoffman, founding partner at the venture accelerator
ColorJar and founding partner at Priceline.com, visited the
IU Southeast campus on Feb. 18, 2014. He kicked off his
packed schedule with a fireside chat in Forest Lodge, one of
IU Southeast’s five student residence halls. The one-hour
conversation with more than twenty students included
tips, advice, and real life stories that the audience of young
entrepreneurs found incredibly interesting.
“The students were impressed with both Mr. Hoffman’s
knowledge and his approachable style. He did a great job
connecting to our students,” said IU Southeast School of
Business Dean Jay White. White was in attendance at both
the fireside chat and the more formal Sanders Speaker Series
lecture at the Paul W. Ogle Cultural & Community Center.
“At the more formal presentation later that day, Mr.
Hoffman’s message on entrepreneurship and the importance
of encouraging entrepreneurial behavior in larger
organizations appealed to all audience members,” said
An audience of approximately 300 students, community
members, faculty, and staff watched Hoffman’s formal
presentation in Stem Hall on campus.
Hoffman, who also works with Black Sky Entertainment,
producer of movies such as “
Cabin Fever
,” said he launched
his first startup as a way to pay for his college education. As
a young adult, he found himself in college with no money for
tuition, so he started a software company to pay the bills.
Jeff Hoffman, founding partner of Priceline.com, encourages
entrepreneurs at this year’s fifth annual Sanders Speaker Series.
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