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Hoffman regaled
the audience with
accounts of risk-taking,
overcoming failure
and the importance
of goal-setting in
entrepreneurship. His
stories wove in tales
about some of the best
and brightest in every
walk of life, from
stories about
Amazon.com founder
Jeff Bezos to anecdotes
about heavyweight
champion boxer
Evander Holyfield. All of
his stories came back to one key point: the world needs more
“Entrepreneurship is the art and science of controlling your
own destiny,” Hoffman said in his presentation.
About the Sanders Speaker Series
When students enroll at IU Southeast, they gain access to a
wide range of exceptional resources. All are aimed at giving
students diverse opportunities to explore, grow, discover,
and prepare for their futures.
Many of these opportunities exist because of the vision and
foresight of IU Southeast supporters who wish to leave a
legacy for future generations. For example, Judge Carlton
and Sue Sanders sought to create an enduring campus
offering that would be a powerful resource for both students
and the community at large. Today, the Sanders Speaker
Series brings high-profile speakers to IU Southeast for
dynamic lectures and discussions.
This year was the 5th annual Sanders Speaker Series at
Indiana University Southeast. Past presenters included Billy
Beane, the Oakland A’s General Manager and subject of the
hit movie
, Jerry Greenfield, of Ben & Jerry’s Ice
Cream, and Arthur Laffer, world-renowned economist and
the founder and chairman of Laffer Associates. The inaugural
Sanders Speaker Series took place March 30, 2010, and
featured Dana Perino and Donna Brazile discussing current
political and economic events in a debate format.
Jeff Hoffman
Judge Carlton and Sue Sanders, Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Uric Dufrene, Jeff Hoffman, Interim Chancellor Barb Bichelmeyer, and
School of Business Dean Jay White.
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