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A couple of hours north of IU Southeast,
Diane Mack, Indiana University’s
Director of Emergency Management
and Continuity, was packing her gear in
her car.
“We knew it was coming,” she said. “It
was almost the perfect storm for bad
weather. I wasn’t sure where I would
be going, but I knew I would be going
Mack is one of four IU employees who
are members of Indiana’s Incident
Management Assistance Team (IMAT)
that responds to major emergencies
and catastrophes throughout the state.
Mack and her colleagues – IUPUI
Director of Emergency Management
and Continuity Carlos Garcia, IU
Bloomington Director for Emergency
Management and Continuity Debbi
Fletcher, and Regional Campus
Director for Emergency Management
and Continuity Joe Romero – had been
put on alert that morning, and then
placed on standby that afternoon with
the threat of tornadoes.
Meanwhile, the skies in Southern
Indiana darkened. In an unusual
move that was the first tip-off for
many IU Southeast faculty, staff, and
students that this storm was something
different, IU Southeast dismissed
classes early in expectation of a tornado.
That afternoon, the forecasters were
proved right. A half-mile wide tornado
with 175 mile-per-hour winds ripped
through Southern Indiana communities
including Henryville, Pekin, and
At 6 p.m., the emergency response
team from IU was on its way to Clark
Statewide response
IMAT is managed by Indiana’s
Department of Homeland Security but
You can’t
separate the
human factor
out of it.
Carlos Garcia
Emergency workers at the Henryville Command Center.