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IU Southeast
Spring 2012 19
or some, growing up can mean the end of the magic. Just like Wendy,
John, and Peter had to outgrow NeverNeverLand, many college
students have outgrown the fantastical idea of being a kid forever.
But IU Southeast students April Hall, Lauren Ogburn, and Ashley
Adams never stopped believing, and each participated in internships
at the one place where magic never ends: Disney World.
They are just three of roughly 100 Indiana University students
who are currently interning or have interned with the Disney
College Experience for the last few years. And although it may be
a small world after all, the lives students lead in New Albany and
Orlando are worlds apart.
From theater attractions to safety to dressing Mickey for the parade, IU
Southeast interns have had the opportunity to touch the lives of those they
met, learn how to live on their own as adults, and explore firsthand the
world of Disney behind the scenes.
“You’re in a completely different world,” Hall said. “Everything’s just
magic, like pixie dust.”