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in memoriam
The Indiana University Southeast community lost a valuable
supporter this spring when Board of Advisors member Marla Barr
passed away Wednesday, March 21, 2012, after sustaining injuries in
an accident in Prospect, Ky.
As a member of the IU Southeast Board of Advisors since 2010,
Barr was a familiar face and an invaluable member of our campus
community. In addition to her service with IU Southeast, she was also
a member of the boards at Trinity High School and Meredith Dunn
Barr was a graduate of Louisville Collegiate School in 1968 and
Emory University in 1972. She retired from the Morgan Stanley
investment firm in Louisville after 31 years of service. She was
married to John McFerran Barr, CEO of Parthenon Capital
Management, and had one son, Paul, a former IU Southeast student.
“Marla was one of IU Southeast’s strongest supporters, and we will
miss her spirit, her drive, and her commitment to higher education,”
said Chancellor Sandra R. Patterson-Randles. “She was constantly
thinking of new ways to help students, promote quality education,
and benefit IU Southeast.  She was a real treasure.”
Diane Lynn Wagner Miller; M.S.’74
; Dec. 29, 2011
Margaret Louise Jarvis; M.S.’76
; Oct. 14, 2008
Jane Carol Capps Knight; B.S.’73
; Feb. 18, 2012
John Alfred Maurice; B.S.’71
; Nov. 20, 2006
Edward Lincoln Roddy; M.S.’76
; Aug. 13, 2011
Bertha Elizabeth Scheidt Stuckwisch; B.S.’80
; Jan.
18, 2012
Gaylord Allen Von Allmen; B.G.S.’82
; March 27, 2009
Jon Shane Buis; B.A.’93
; March 21, 2012
Neal Alan Lyle; B.A.’92
; March 20, 2012
Remembering Marla Barr