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Dear Reader,
May was certainly a month of celebration here on campus.
On May 7, IU Southeast graduated one of our largest classes
ever – 1,096 students. Some of those graduates came from
families where a college degree was a clear, long-standing
expectation, but many had to overcome great obstacles in
their journey to a degree. More than 30 percent of this year’s
graduates became the very first member of their family to
earn a college degree. What a remarkable accomplishment!
During my Commencement address this year, I reminded our
newest alumni that it is the historic mission of the University
to provide opportunities to those who are willing to put forth
the effort, and I know for a fact that the members of the Class
of 2012 worked hard for their education.
During their time on campus the majority of our students
held jobs – mostly part time, but many full time. Some were
raising families or had other significant family obligations.
They also studied – a lot, and they learned so much outside of
the classroom, too.
On the heels of an emotional Commencement, perhaps we
all need to be reminded that, as that famous but unattributed
quote goes, “Your schooling may be over, but remember that
your education still continues.”
This is especially true because a solid education is composed of so many elements. We just released our most recent crop of
graduates into the real world equipped with a piece of parchment that represents the knowledge and perseverance it took to
earn an IU degree. However, their journey is just beginning. Now we get to sit back and watch them follow their dreams.
I cannot predict the great things the members of the Class of 2012 will do, but I can guarantee you that future pages of this
magazine will carry a story about one of these graduates and his or her outstanding accomplishments.
While May is indeed a month of celebration, it is also a month of appreciation and thanksgiving for our faculty and staff. We
are grateful that the Class of 2012 chose to earn their IU degree here at IU Southeast. We know students have many choices
in today’s market, and we are thankful that so many choose us and recommend us to others. I am pleased to report that in an
exit survey 95 percent of this year’s graduating class said they would encourage others to attend IU Southeast.
That’s an accomplishment worth celebrating, too.
Sandra R. Patterson-Randles
Chancellor, IU Southeast