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Dear Reader,
We’re helpers here at IU Southeast.
It’s not just talk; there’s action to back it up. In fact, a recent economic
impact study commissioned by Indiana University found that IU
Southeast contributes more than $7.8 million annually in charitable
donations and volunteer services from faculty, staff, and students.
That’s a lot of impact. Connectedness with our local community is
one of our University’s Core Values and something that our campus
strives to do each day.
This issue is a perfect example of how our University makes a
difference, not only locally but worldwide.
On a smaller scale, you’ll see a “By the Numbers” feature on
IU Southeast’s efforts to spruce up the environment through
campus beautification projects. In April, we planted 70 trees near
the IU Southeast Lake in honor of our 70th anniversary. Those
trees will create a serene, park-like environment for years to
come. Faculty, staff, and students also participated in our annual
Campus Beautification Day, planting flowers and completing some
But it’s not just the environment that we’re helping; we’re also
helping people.
This issue features two stories that perfectly illustrate the effect that IU Southeast – and Indiana University as
a whole – can have on a community.
On March 2, a series of storms spawned tornadoes that devastated the town of Henryville and other areas of
Southern Indiana. Those storms were right in our backyard, and we had students and faculty who lost homes
or suffered significant property damage. While our campus did what we could to help affected students cope
and continue their education, four IU staff members raced to the scene to manage emergency operations
with the state taskforce. Their efforts contributed to one of the fastest and smoothest relief efforts in Indiana,
allowing healing to begin for hundreds of families.
The second feature is a story on Assistant Professor of Psychology Lucinda Woodward and her work in Africa
researching Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Every two years she takes a group of IU Southeast students to
Ghana to help survey the population. In addition, a large part of her research focuses on improving mental
health services for former child soldiers in war-torn countries such as Liberia. I was able to reach out to a
former client who participated in her study, and he could not have been more effusive in his praise for the
work that she and our students are doing.
I hope that reading these stories inspires you to help out, too, even if it starts with something small. We’re
helpers, sure, but we can also be life changers. And that would definitely be something to write about.
As always, thanks for reading.
Erica Walsh
IU Southeast