IU Southeast
Summer 2013 17
still had about a hundred or so left.
The inventory could help answer
questions about which of these types of
trees grow the best on our campus and
which ones provide the most benefits,”
Perkins said.
Perkins and Missi met with Professor
David Taylor, head of the IU Southeast
biology department, who allowed them
to use the department’s equipment for
the project.
Physical Plant Director JimWolfe has
also been supportive, Perkins said.
There have just been so many people
who have really helped and who have
been excited about this project,”
Perkins said. “It’s kept us motivated.”
GIS instructor Clint Franklin, senior
lecturer of geosciences, has been a
great advocate and advisor, Perkins
He said the project really highlights the
power of pairing GPS with GIS
You have a database
now that not only tells you where all
the trees are on campus but all kinds of
information about each tree,” Franklin
said. “This is a major project.”
Franklin said that many other
universities and colleges have
completed similar projects, but most
of that work was done by larger teams
of staff and graduate students.
It’s incredible how much work Misty
and Rachel have done as undergrads,”
Franklin said.
The software program the pair is using
can project how the campus might look
in 10, 20, or 30 years as the existing
trees grow and change, he said. Other
features could be added to the project
as well, such as putting it online, he
I truly believe this project will be used
for the campus to get the Arbor Day
recognition but also in classrooms,”
Franklin said.
The project is more than the database,
Perkins and Missi said.
As part of the requirements to be
recognized by the Tree Campus
USA program, the pair launched IU
Southeast’s first Arbor Day celebration
on April 24. To mark the occasion,
Galvin led a tree tour of campus. The
walk took participants by some of
the campus’s most noteworthy trees,
Perkins said.
It’s not a huge thing, but it’s a start of
something we hope will continue,” she
Perkins and Missi are also starting a
Campus Tree Advisory Committee.
The committee will be charged with
tasks such as planning future Arbor
Day celebrations and brainstorming
projects related to campus trees.
The ultimate decisions are those
of the Physical Plant staff and other
campus leaders, but the committee
might offer opinions or support as it’s
needed,” Perkins said.
Both Perkins and Missi said they plan
to continue working on behalf of the
campus trees after they graduate.
I would really like to see a web site
built for this. It’s just not something you
can really leave completely even after
you graduate,” Missi said.
Perkins said she too plans to continue
to be involved.
A key part of this was to involve the
community around IU Southeast so
even after I’m not a student, I’ll still
be a part of all these efforts,” Perkins
said. “IU Southeast is just such a great
University, and I’m really proud to be
part of something that benefits the
people here.”
It’s good
in collecting
data, and it
will hopefully
for campus
Rachel Missi
IU Southeast seniors Misty Perkins, left, and Rachel Missi.