Carter’s co-author Kerry Thomas. Photos from Horse Profiling reprinted with permission from Trafalgar
Square Books (
They’re just seeing things
superficially,” Carter said. “They’re
missing the true potential of the horse.”
His methods may be unique, but they
work. In the past five years, Carter
has correctly picked winners of the
Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes,
the Belmont Stakes, and the Epsom
Derby in England.
Horse sense
Carter, a Southern Indiana native, has
been a fan of horse racing for as long as
he can remember.
I’ve always loved horses,” he said.
Ever since I was 10 years old and I
watched the Derby with my dad on our
little black and white TV.”
Still, it wasn’t until adulthood that his
hobby became his main focus.
In the early ‘90s, I realized I didn’t
know much about these beautiful
animals that I would watch,” he said.
He began studying the sire lines and
pedigrees of thoroughbreds, and
became an expert in the methods of
Federico Tesio, an internationally
renowned thoroughbred owner,
breeder, and trainer from Italy. When
he wasn’t studying horses, he was
putting his journalism and English
degrees from IU Southeast to work as a
reporter, sports writer, and freelancer.
Carter remains a freelance writer but
has added pedigree analyst and owner
of Classic Champion Thoroughbreds,
a bloodstock consulting firm, to his
He had long studied pedigree and
blood stock when in 2009 he attended
a Derby Trial race at Churchill Downs
and met Thomas, his future co-author.
Thomas is a researcher and equine
psychologist – somewhat of a horse
whisperer, if you will.
Carter and Thomas hit it off from their
first meeting. Thomas wanted to write
a book about his extensive research and
study into the emotional conformation
and herd dynamics of racehorses.
Carter, with a degree in English and
journalism and a background as a
writer, believed strongly in Thomas’s
Calvin Carter is not only a true
friend to me and the horse, he is also