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Summer 2013 21
among the most talented writers and
researchers that I know,” Thomas
said. “I am thrilled to have written a
book about my research and work, and
prouder still that Calvin has blessed my
work with his talented eye and honest
In 2012, their book was published by
Trafalgar Square Books in America
and J.A. Allen in the United Kingdom.
They profile multiple thoroughbreds,
including recent racing stars Zenyatta
and Animal Kingdom, according to
the main theories of the book: herd
dynamics, emotional conformation, and
behavioral genetics.
Herd dynamics is based on Thomas’
research into wild horse herds in
Wyoming and Montana and illustrates
why horses behave as they do in groups.
Emotional conformation – not physical
traits – often ends up governing the
dynamics of the herd, according to
Calvin is
among the
best pedigree
that I know.
Kerry Thomas
Thomas. By creating an emotional
profile of the horse, an owner or
breeder can discover the mental and
emotional characteristics that indicate
a horse can be trained to become a
Behavioral genetics are the key to
ensuring a horse’s mental well-being
is as strong as its physical body.
Thomas has identified eight key causes
of behavioral problems and how to
address them.
By using the patented Thomas Herding
Technique and his original Emotional
Conformation Profile, Thomas has
created a form of horse profiling that
helps owners tailor their training to
enable the equine athlete to perform at
peak ability.
For Carter and hundreds of racing fans
and handicappers, that translates into
being able to choose a winner.
Learning how to pick ‘em
Carter had always picked a favorite
horse to root for when he watched the
Derby on television as a child.
All my life I’ve had a penchant to pick
the long shots,” he said.