He began researching pedigrees to
better understand equine athletes.
I don’t see pedigrees the way most
blood stock analysts see them,” Carter
said. “I typically look at more than three
generations, sometimes up to seven.”
Through his company, Carter provides
a detailed pedigree analysis and a
Classic Champion Thoroughbred
Profile for owners and breeders
interested in racing prospects. He has
also begun incorporating Thomas’
techniques into certain profiles.
Calvin is among the best pedigree
researchers that I know,” Thomas said.
If you’re breeding thoroughbreds,
Calvin’s research will be a valuable
tool for your tool box.”
In 2009, Carter began publicly posting
his racing season picks on his blog,
blogspot.com. For the past two
years, Thomas made his Derby picks
for the online magazine Kentucky
Confidential, but this year his
Patterns of Motion Analysis for
Kentucky Derby” was available at
Brisnet, an online bloodstock research
information service.
Although they don’t discuss their picks
before releasing them publicly, Carter
and Thomas typically end up deciding
on the same horse.
It must mean we’re doing something
right,” Carter said.
But their techniques alone don’t
guarantee they can always pick a
winner. In 2012, Carter believed the
racing world was the closest it’s been to
having a Triple Crown winner in years.
I really thought I’ll Have Another could
do it,” he said.
Even though Carter liked Bodemeister’s
pedigree better, I’ll Have Another had
the background and the behavioral
markers to indicate he would be tough
to beat. Indeed, I’ll Have Another
won both the Kentucky Derby and the
Preakness Stakes.
But all the pedigree and personality
can’t compete against injury; I’ll Have
Another was scratched from the
Belmont Stakes with tendonitis.
This year, Carter was less certain about
choosing one particular standout.
This year’s field is kind of a mixed
bag,” he said before the Kentucky
For the 2013 race, Carter picked five
horses that he believed were capable of
winning the race: Revolutionary, Orb,
Mylute, Lines of Battle, and Will Take
Last December, I profiled
Revolutionary in my ‘2013 Kentucky
Photo from Horse Profiling.