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Summer 2013 23
Calvin Carter
Calvin’s Picks
Carter picked Revolutionary to win the Kentucky Derby.
The horse placed third. However, he did correctly choose the
real winner, Orb, as one of his top five contenders.
Carter correctly picked the top five finishers in the
Kentucky Derby, I’ll Have Another, Bodemeister, Dullahan,
Went The Day Well, and Creative Cause
Carter correctly picked the Kentucky Derby winner,
Animal Kingdom, and the Epsom Derby winner in England,
Pour Moi
Carter correctly picked the Kentucky Derby winner,
Super Saver, and the Preakness winner, Lookin At Lucky
Carter correctly picked the Belmont Stakes winner,
Summer Bird
Derby Outlook,’ as a young colt that
could, perhaps, have classic potential,”
Carter said before the race. “So far,
Revolutionary has lived up to my
expectations, and he’s my top pick to
win Kentucky Derby 139. However,
Mylute, Orb and Lines of Battle have
outstanding pedigrees, and a win by
one of them would not be a surprise.
Don’t forget Will Take Charge if he
looks good in the paddock and post
Orb won the 2013 Kentucky Derby,
with Revolutionary coming in third and
Mylute placing fifth. Lines of Battle and
Will Take Charge placed seventh and
Well, with Kentucky Derby 139 in
the history books, I’m filled with
both feelings of disappointment and
excitement. Despite having profiled
Orb as a potential Derby winner, it’s
disappointing that since I started this
blog in 2009 I did not cash any exotic
tickets,” Carter said. “At the same time,
it’s exciting that the debut of my Classic
Champion Thoroughbred Profile
was a success in illustrating how the
influence of the Ancestral Herd has a
tremendous impact on the outcome of
classic races.”
Carter’s streak is more than enough
to convince him that behavior and
breeding help unlock the combination
of a champion. But he’d like to make
one more winning pick before he
considers his endgame complete.
My dream and goal is to own horses
and have a Derby winner,” he said.