from the Alumni President
IU Southeast Alumni Association Board
John Watkins, President
Lynn Prinz, Vice President
Phyllis Andres, Secretary
Jim Bradshaw, Treasurer
Mike Naville, Past President
Stephanie Book
John Crase
Lyndsay Kimmick
Josh Kornberg
Bob Lane
Oneita Phillips, Neal Marshall
Committee Chair
Leah Phillips-Black
Therese Sirles
Nicole Yates
Richard Madley, SAA President
IU Southeast Board of Advisors
Lana Aebersold
Doug England
Crystal Gunther
Edward Jerdonek
Robert Kleehamer
Renato LaRocca
D. Jack Mahuron
Eileen Moore
Pat More
Sally Newkirk
Patrick A. Shoulders (IU Trustee Liaison)
Mark Shugarman
Sherry Oakes Stem
Norman Stiefler
John Walczak
Rose Wathen
John Watkins (IU Southeast Alumni Assoc.)
Rosita Young
For any alumni-related questions or
information, please contact:
Jerry Wayne
Interim Vice Chancellor for Alumni
and Community Relations
(812) 941-2384
Synthia Fetz
Alumni and Development Assistant
(812) 941-2384
Office of Alumni and
Community Relations
US 155
Grant Line Road
New Albany, IN 47150
(812) 941-2384
John Watkins
President, IU Southeast Alumni Association
To do list
Congratulate next year’s President of our Alumni
Board of Directors – Lynn Prinz!
Congratulate next year’s Vice President of our Alumni
Board of Directors – Jim Bradshaw!
Inform the Chancellor that the Alumni Board of
Directors have participated 100 percent in giving to
the Shaping Powerful Futures campaign for the Alumni
Scholarship Fund.
Report to the Alumni Board that we have had six
consecutive months of increased membership – let’s
develop a plan to continue that success!
Alumni scholarships are now available for fall 2013.
Urge Alumni members to have their families apply.
July 26
Iu Southeast Alumni Night at the Bats
Aug. 24
Athletics Champions Dinner