IU Southeast
Summer 2013 33
Alumni Q & A
What are you up to: Tim Bridges
William “Tim” Bridges, B.A. ’83,
M.A. ’90
turned his education degrees
into a lifelong teaching career. Now,
he’s also using the title “author.”
Bridges recently wrote a book entitled
Images of America: Lanesville and
Franklin Township
It is part of the
popular series “Images of America.”
His first printing sold 1,200 copies and is now going into its
second printing with Arcadia Publishing Co.
In the first edition of what we hope will be a regular section
called the “What are you up to?,” we sat down with Bridges
to ask him a little about his book and what he has going on
these days.
Q: What inspired you to write this book?
This is actually history that had never been written before.
Also, a teacher and pretty good friend of mine who wanted to
write it passed away a few years ago. He had collected a lot of
information about it, and it was something I felt needed to be
Q: What is it that you find so special about the
town of Lanesville?
It’s a small town – really America at its best if you ask me.
It’s a very close-knit community with people who are always
willing to help. It’s also a town with a rich and long history.
The first settlers actually arrived in 1790, and it has really
flourished during parts of its history.
Q: What did you do after graduation?
I have been teaching at Lanesville High School. I have
been in education for 28 years now teaching Social Studies
among other subjects.
Q: How does IU Southeast continue to be a part of
your life?
I’ve actually got kids attending school there. My son
is a senior education student graduating in May, and IU
Southeast has been great to him. Besides that, I’ve had
students attend there and come back to do practicum and
student teaching with me as well. I also continue to stay in
contact with some of the classmates I had there.
Q: What is one thing you miss most about IU
Well, I definitely don’t miss the bills. I miss some of the
professors that I had there. Some have retired, some have
passed away, and some are still there. I always enjoyed the
small class environment and the many good times I had there
in those classes.
Q: What was the most valuable thing you learned at
IU Southeast?
I truly learned how to work hard and push yourself further
than where you think you can go. People were always very
supportive of me while I was there, and the professors really
taught me to push myself. When I think back on it, I really
have nothing bad to say about IU Southeast.
If you would like to be considered as the subject of a “What
are you up to?” Q and A, please contact Synthia Fetz at
(812) 941-2384
Professional Advisor Greg
Roberts, Arts and Letters
awarded the National Academic
Advising Association Certificate of
Merit for Outstanding Advising in a
Primary Advising Role for making
significant contributions to the
improvement of academic advising.
Lynn Prinz, assistant director of
the Career Development Center
has accepted the position of President
of the IU Southeast Alumni Association
Fine Arts professor Brian Jones
was one of six artists from the United
States invited to participate in the
contemporary printmaking exhibit
Charta Amor in Kwanhoon Gallery,
Insa-dong, Seoul. After the exhibit
closes in Korea, it will then travel to
the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Gallery in China. 
Dana Hope, administrative
secretary in Natural Sciences
was elected by the Kentucky Theater
Association Board of Directors to
serve a three-year term as the state
representative to the Southeastern
Theatre Conference, the nation’s
largest theatre conference. 
IU Southeast, along with the
Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd
was presented with the Axiom
Financial Strategies of Wells Fargo
Advisors, LLC Partnership Spirit Award
at the One Southern Indiana 25th
Annual Business Awards held on March
Indiana University Southeast
recently won two Professional
Achievement in Creative Events
awards from the Indiana chapter
of the International Special Events
Society (ISES). The University won
in two categories:  “Best Event for a
Nonprofit” for the 2012 Chancellor’s
Medallion Dinner and “Best Creative
Solution” for the hosting of the Indiana
Senatorial Debate in October.