IU Southeast
Summer 2013 37
Meet the Professor
Michael Jackman has a B.A. in English fromBelmont University, a M.A. in creative writing/
literature from the University of Louisville where he was also a Ph.D. student (ABD) in composition/
rhetoric. He completed his Masters of Fine Arts in poetry in November 2012 at Spalding University,
where he worked with poets Maureen Morehead, Debra Kang-Dean, Molly Peacock, Larry Horton,
and Greg Pape. Jackman teaches writing, and creative writing. He also advises the English Club.
pop quiz
In each issue, IU Southeast will include a Pop Quiz from one of our professors. The first reader to email us the correct
answers to the quiz will win a prize from the Alumni Association.
This issue’s Pop Quiz is provided by Michael Jackman, senior lecturer in writing.
It’s time to test your grammar skills. The following sentences are from “The Story of an Hour” by Kate
Chopin. Can you identify the subject of each of the sentences?
Her husband’s friend Richards
was there, too, near her.
A. Richards
B. Friend
C. Her
D. Husband
Spring 2013 Pop Quiz answers
The three basic levels of analysis in the field of organizational behavior are:
C. Individual, group, and organizational
According to Frederick Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory of Motivation, if you want to directly
motivate your employees, in which of the following areas should you concentrate your efforts?
A. Providing themwith greater job responsibility
Which of the following individuals is not specifically covered under any current Federal Anti-
Discrimination law?
D. A 35-year-old gay, male employee
The winner of this issue’s quiz will receive two tickets to the IU Southeast Alumni Night at the Bats. To submit your answers,
and include “Pop Quiz answers” as the subject .
There stood, facing the open
window, a comfortable, roomy
A. Window
B. Armchair
C. There
D. Comfortable
Knowing that Mrs. Mallard
was afflicted with a heart
trouble, great care was taken
to break to her as gently
as possible the news of her
husband’s death.
A. Mrs. Mallard
B. News
C. Care
D. Death