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Jay Becht
IU Southeast Athletics has created
an alumni athletics association to
recognize former student-athletes.
The Champions Club was organized
in 2014 for the purpose of recognizing
and celebrating the accomplishments
of IU Southeast student-athletes over
the years. One main objective of the
Champions Club is to reengage former
Grenadier student-athletes and to
welcome them back to their alma
mater. The club provides a perfect
forum for past teammates and friends
to get together to tell stories and to
relive the glory days of playing college
Jerry Roby, who played basketball at
IU Southeast from 1981-1985, has
been an advocate for the formation of a
group to welcome back former student-
“Our student-athletes are our most
valuable asset and our strongest
ambassadors for the great work that
is being done by this university,” Roby
said. “By reaching out to reengage our
former athletes, we are expressing our
appreciation for the time and effort they
put into their individual sports while
wearing the IU Southeast uniform. All
great universities recognize their past
while setting goals for their future, and
I believe the Champions Club is a great
starting point.”
One of the goals from last year’s
inaugural Champions Dinner was to
reengage former athletes with the
campus and athletic department. The
creation of the Champions Club is part
of that mission.
A recruiting process is currently
underway to install the club’s first
Board of Directors. The club’s
charter is still being finalized with
additional input needed from athletic
alumni.  Each year the club will
nominate athletic alumni for special
recognition at the department’s
Champions Dinner held each August.
The Champions Dinner was a great
success in its first year, raising
$30,000 for athletic scholarships
thanks to the support of alumni and
community leaders.
“We were also able to gather the
business community together and
IU Southeast forms alumni
athletics organization
By Stephen Utz
Bob Lane
Jerry Roby (right)
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