IU Southeast Magazine - Summer 2014 - page 14

In addition to his academic career,
Wallace is a serious photographer, and
on this day the Floyds Knobs ridge that
serves as a scenic backdrop for the IU
Southeast campus loomed behind a
hazy blur – looking very much like one
of Wallace’s Irish landscape photos,
a scene depicting a grove of trees in a
bank of Irish fog.
“Photography is a hobby - escapism,”
said Wallace, echoing words on his web
“For me, photography has always been
an escape from an otherwise hectic
Which, as he well knows, is about to
‘I’m going to listen’
To get ready for the challenges of his
new job, Ray Wallace visited the IU
Southeast campus a couple of times
during the spring, meeting with faculty,
staff and people from the community.
On the day after his campus tour, he
spent an hour with eight members of
the IU Southeast Student Government
Association (SGA), an enthusiastic,
inquisitive group.
Wallace started the conversation by
asking what they like about the campus.
“Talk to me. What do you tell your
friends when they ask you about it?
Why did you come to IU Southeast? And
don’t tell me because it’s cheap.”
The students mentioned accessible
professors, small classes and academic
support for students when they need it.
“It’s a friendly place with good people,”
said SGA President Stephon Moore.
“And what don’t you like?”
Stephanie Collins, a senior majoring
in management and human resources,
thought for a second. “I don’t like the
reputation we have,” she said, “of being
Grant Line High. It’s changing, but
some people still don’t seem to take IU
Southeast seriously. Sometimes I find
myself having to defend my degree
before I’ve got it.”
Wallace had heard the same story.
“We’re much beyond that,” he said.
“But we’ve got to do a much better
Chancellor Wallace interacts with students in the game room
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